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    Interesting Pitt-Duke connection

    Not looking past VCU at all here (honestly), but Pitt's star Aaron Gray's uncle, Steve, played on Duke's 1978 Final Four team.

    From this article, it sounds like Pitt's the one looking past their first round opponent, Wright State (whom, I might say, I saw take down Butler in the conference title game. They instantly became my "Cinderella", but this would change of course if they can actually beat Pitt. They seem to be a team that plays very well together, but can struggle at times hitting shots. That said, in the Butler game, they always seem to hit a big shot to tie it up or get back in the lead. Very scrappy, and DaShaun Wood is an absolute baller -- AI-esque)

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    Also, my dad went to Pitt, and I to Duke, but I doubt this matters to anyone else.
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    Good Point

    Very Funny!!!

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    Not looking ahead either

    Not looking ahead either but living in northern WV and working at WVU, I hate Pitt. In fact, everyone from around here does. So I and many West Virginians hope Duke beats them badly.

    Pitt pretty much goes as Aaron Gray goes. And he has not played to his potential this year. In fact since tweaking his ankle he has played badly. Basically he has no shot, but becasue he is tall, he gets his own rebound and tips in alot. It should be interesting if Duke meets Pitt - I would think that Zou gets minutes against him.

    Overall, I like our chances against him. But not looking ahead.

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    It matters to me...

    Quote Originally Posted by hurleyfor3 View Post
    Also, my dad went to Pitt, and I to Duke, but I doubt this matters to anyone else.

    It shows me that you didn't follow in the sins of the father.

    GO DUKE!

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    Dick Groat

    What about Dick Groat? The first basketball player to have his jersey retired at Duke. He is/was the play by play guy for the Pitt radio broadcast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMS2478 View Post
    Very Funny!!!
    I used to buy Christmas trees from twin brothers who played football for Pitt. Does that help?

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    The guy with the glasses and goatee in this bizarre Pitt Med youtube video, Mark Gilbert, he went to Duke. (Trinity 1997). He starts talking at 0:37

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    First tie in that occurred to me was that the Pitt's coach's sister Maggie was the former women's coach at Army. She passed away last year.

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    I have considered Pitt to be the most boring team in college basketball over the past five or six years out of all the annual top ten teams. And now we might play them. Does that count lol. Sorry Pitt bball fans but you are Dan Marino.
    "Duke is a once in a lifetime opportunity and something you don't pass up on." -Amile Jefferson

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