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    Great Article

    This is a great article from the perspective of an opposing player coming into CIS.

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    Thanks for the link. What a fun perspective. The Sweet 16 pictures linked at the bottom was fun also. I have a hard time convincing people around here that Cameron is better than Allen Fieldhouse. Allen Fieldhouse is a good 2nd choice.

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    Thumbs up !

    Thanks, Latta - really enjoyed that read.


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    One of the things that I liked most about the article is that the guy actually tried to honestly capture an athletic experience. Generally, jocks speak in truisms and hollow phrases and rarely cede any sort of power. I can see why they wouldn't speak freely--both because they are still competing and because the athletic experience is probably wordless for an elite athlete (as opposed to me, where there tends to be a dialogue that either contributes to or is the result of relative mediocrity)--but it's refreshing to hear an open emotion, especially one that is flattering to Duke.

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