View Poll Results: Who was the Man of the Match against Temple?

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  • Gerald Henderson

    1 1.25%
  • Taylor King

    21 26.25%
  • David McClure

    13 16.25%
  • DeMarcus Nelson

    36 45.00%
  • Greg Paulus

    2 2.50%
  • Jon Scheyer

    4 5.00%
  • Kyle Singler

    2 2.50%
  • Nolan Smith

    1 1.25%
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    Man of the Match vs. Temple

    Who was the Man of the Match against Temple?

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    Taylor King

    I thought Taylor King's steal and slam, and then his two 3's to keep the lead at 19 were huge momentum killers for Temple. He gets my vote tonight.
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    Taylor only played 12 minutes, though. DeMarcus didn't shoot well from the field, but he was a steadying force in almost every other way, and delivered from the line. Plus, he went 37 minutes. So, I went with him.

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    I voted for Nelson, but I was very tempted to vote for McClure. He stepped in and kept his finger in the dike. King would be another good choice. He stepped up when called upon. We need to see more of both of those guys.

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    Taylor King

    Taylor King won my vote with 6:50 left in the game when he had the ball in the high post and threw an excellent pass to Gerald Henderson who finished off the play with a dunk. Taylor is more than just a shooter. He can pass and he is a solid rebounder. I expect him to earn more and more playing time as the season progresses.
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    I thought DeMarcus had a very solid game and did things that do not appear on stat. sheets. I thought he played very good D and he earned my vote.

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    I thought McClure's overall game, his defense and his surprising offense were a foundation for us last night. Good to see him back to his old ways.

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    IMO, the vote here shouldn't even be close. Nelson was the leader of the team.

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    man of the match

    If the Man of the Match is Duke's best player, then I would vote for DeMarcus. When I think about who to select, I also like to factor in who provided a performance greater than might have been expected. Using that criterion, I thought Taylor King's performance (particularly after the Cornell game) was key to Duke's success. Matching 3 pointers when Christmas finally started to get his shot going was really key to keeping Temple from gaining momentum.

    I hope that we will see more of Singler and King playing with Demarcus and Gerald (+ Paulus or Smith). We should have the opportunity to "invert" with Singler and King taking their men outside, and giving Gerald and Demarcus the opportunity to post-up.

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    Lots of good choices. I voted for McClure because he stepped up to a big challenge and seemed to be in the right place at the right time consistently. A few great defensive efforts as well in isolation. I was also tempted to vote for Nolan, because he is starting to emerge as a serious part of the puzzle. Markie is the heart and soul, no doubt about it. King was big.

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