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    picture of Durham on Main page

    Is there any info on this pic? What year? Are those the tobacco warehouses or the hosiery mills?

    I love old photos of Durham. Don't like the new ones much.

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    I don't know where they got that specific picture but you might get a kick out of this site

    There's a sort of an index at the bottom of the main page.

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    Those are from before my time, but my mother gets misty-eyed looking at old pics of downtown Durham at Christmas.

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    Is it....

    Is the picture of the old Erwin Mill in West Durham? There's something about the background that makes me think of West Durham even though it was long before I got there.

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    The old photo is looking north on Carr St., one block south of the railroad tracks through downtown. The intersection with Pettigrew St. is just ahead, and the warehouses that now house Motricity at American Tobacco are on the right. The photo was taken in 1937.


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