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    Could be worse-- but could be better.

    Thank goodness for the 6 seed-- and no crazy dangerous matchup with Zona or Kentucky...

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    #6 Seed against VCU

    Wow! A 6 seed!

    And the 3 seed is Pitt? I'll take it.

    Let the fun begin!

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    It's VCU

    They sure looked excited to play us. We don't have the worst draw, but it ain't gonna be a cake walk either.

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    #6 seed?

    Even Seth Davis is shocked.

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    I'll take it!

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    VCU is a solid team from a pretty good conference. Should be an excellent game.

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    Good draw, considering we're a #6 seed. Getting VCU to start is better than a major conference foe. And Pitt isn't a terrible matchup, even though they're big. No dominant scorers. Still a chance at another Sweet 16.

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    Duke as a 6 seed gets VCU- a team with two senior guards and a potential second round againt Pitt. Certainly not awful

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    Let's beat VCU first.

    This region should be titled "Tradition".
    Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA, and Indiana all in the same region with possibilities of all advancing to the second round.

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    I'm happy with it

    Not the worst matchups, nor the best.

    We CAN'T overlook VCU, They are a decent team and athletic. Could cause some matchup problems but I think Duke wins by 10 or so.

    Pitt should be a interesting game, but cant overlook VCU so I wont comment on this any further.

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    Could anyone say where are we playing ? Thx.

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    Awesome draw.

    Assuming we beat VCU...all's we have to do against pitt is take away gray and we could win easily.

    Hopefully we can make a deep run..and maybe shock the world!

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    When is the first round game? or have they said yet? Game day/time etc,. ?

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    Would've rather had Wazzou than Pitt, though.

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    Dang-- a shame our 3rd seed isn't Washington State.

    Nice to see us above BC-- out of conference sched worked for us.

    UNC-Texas in sweet 16? awesome.

    This has to be the first time Duke and Vanderbelt have ever been the same seed, huh?

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    Game is Thursday in Buffalo, NY. Possible second round in Buffalo on Saturday.

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    VCU is a tough team. We should not sleep on them.

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    VCU is very good. I'll give you guys a good scouting report on them later -- I know them pretty well.
    Still, we have to be thrilled with this seed. We can lose any game. But we have a reasonable chance to beat any of the teams in our way. That's all I want.

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    Great point Jumbo-- I totally agree. This afternoon I couldn't see a way we could win our second round game (thinking 1 or 2 seed opponent).

    So, relatively, I'm happy.

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