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    South Medford wins!!! 58-54....awesome.
    According to Oregonlive thats correct.

    Kyle Singler had a poor shooting night but still scored 18points 3/9 FGs 11/13 FTs and dishing out 4 assists.

    Kevin Love was on fire tonight. 37 points and 15 boards. Luckily he is going to UCLA and not Carolina
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    Kyle Singler State Champion

    Despite what was reported in an earlier thread, South Medford has won the Oregon 6A State Championship with a 58-54 victory over Lake Oswego. Kyle Singler scored 18 points for SM. SM's pg (Harthun) was the Panthers leading scorer with 24 points. UCLA bound Kevin Love poured in 37 points in a losing cause for the LO Lakers.

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    sorry about wrong info

    I guess that was last year's score from the same game.

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    Taylor King erupted too ...

    Taylor and Kyle both had good nights while advancing.

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    We will enjoy Kyle Singler a LOT!

    I got to watch the State Championship game on TV last night here in Portland, and from what I saw, Singler is going to solve a lot of problems for Duke next year. He's tall & long, just big enough to battle down low, has a super smooth shot from just about anywhere, including the FT line, handles the ball extremely well, including in the open court, passes well, can break down defenders 1-on-1, and he's got a very cool, calm demeanor (until he won...then he went NUTS!). In short, exactly what we've been missing since Luol left...a big, athletic, do-it-all, matchup nightmare.

    Kevin Love, by the way, is an absolute LOAD. Singler guarded him almost all night, really fighting him for position and making him work for shots, and paced his 4 fouls very carefully (a big reason why Love had so many points), but he was just too big. We're really lucky he's not UNC-bound, as a frontline of Hansbrough, Love & Wright would be scary.

    PS--Couple funny notes: There's actually 3 Singlers on the South Medford team! His little brother EJ and a cousin. And Nike has them outfitted in these, uh, very interesting black camouflage warmups.

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    Thanks for the update on Taylor King

    Quote Originally Posted by watzone View Post
    Taylor and Kyle both had good nights while advancing.
    I thought Mater Dei's season was over when they lost to Artesia, so I quit reading the L.A. Times. Taylor King scoring 43 points in a 32-minute game is very impressive. I hope he can light it up at the collegiate level as well. King is 6'8" with a deadly outside shot - I'm having flashbacks of Mark Alarie.

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    My Take on Singler

    I watched the game on directtv.

    First of all, as someone else wrote, Kevin Love is a load. He is big, gets position, has great hands, and makes his close shots. He is not a mobile outside shooting big man. He will be a great player at UCLA.

    Singler is the center for his team and had to guard Love. Impossible assignment for him. However at the college level Kyle will not have to guard the other teams big man.

    Singler seemed to be very athletic and a great ball handler. He did not have a great shooting night. He made some great passes and did make some shots. He is a very good basketball player.

    South Medford won because their supporting cast was much better than Lake Oswego's.

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    Ive been hearing alot about this kid! sort of a larry bird type player, can do it all shoot pass rebound! the total package! i look forward to seeing him in duke blue next season!

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