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    A record that may be unbreakable

    Hard to imagine anyone topping 34 assists in one game. The record was set by the PG for Grinnell, the Division III school that just plays at an insane pace and shoots nothing but threes all game long. Still, 34 assists is a sick number.

    --Jason "Grinnell averages 50+ three pointers per game and scores 100+ points per game" Evans

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    Pretty amazing and cool. I was aboslutely obsessed with Coach David Arsenault's "Running to Extremes" coaching philosophy a few years ago. So much so that I called the school and asked the AD for game tapes Yeah, I'm a basketball nerd, for sure.

    I've read a lot about Coach Arsenault's program in the past, though, and his brand of basketball would be amazing to watch every weekend. The small town of Grinnell, Iowa, certainly has something special out there in them cornfields Of the records I remember reading about, former Grinnell shooting ace Jeff Clement once drilled an NCAA record 19 three-pointers in a single game. He shot 52! Can you imagine if JJ would have played just one game with that type of mindset? Coach K: Now J, stand at half-court and wait for us to get the ball back. Shoot every single time you touch it. Half-court, 38 feet, five guys punching you in the face, whatever. But remember, defense doesn't get you records

    JJ would have been so good that night, he might have had 80. I remember Dick Vitale commenting on this during a game a few years back when JJ was still in Duke Blue. He said something along the lines of Can you imagine if Redick just played one game in a Grinnell uniform? Wow, he'd hit 30 triples with ease if he could hoist 60 threes without his coach breaking a sweat. I'd certainly pay to see it. Now that would be a court of dreams.
    "Duke is a once in a lifetime opportunity and something you don't pass up on." -Amile Jefferson

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    Shades of Loyola Marymount in their glory days!

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    Breaking News: Taylor King will be transferring.

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    Hmm, i just realized that in the morning everything seems so literal for a couple of seconds until my brain could catch up with what this thread was about. That scared me for a second before I realized the context. (I know Taylor seems to be absolutely infatuated with Duke, but from what I remember so was Jamal.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavell12 View Post
    Breaking News: Taylor King will be transferring.
    No need; he already plays like that.

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    I'm from SD and somewhat familiar with their basketball program. One interesting aspect of their philosophy is that they will let the opposing team score rather then have them waste time on the clock. They have a set number of 3-pt shots that they want to try to get off and if they hit a certain % of those shots then the layups they give up won't really matter.

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    34 assists!?!? That is absolutly incredible. Steve Nash recently has has 18 and 19 assits in one game and his career high is 22. But 34, that just blows my mind.

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