new tunes i'm digging:

band of horses- cease to begin (somewhere between coldplay and my morning jacket)

a place to bury strangers ( heavy noisy rock with a beat)

echospace - my coldest season (ambient techno that has minimal beat so that 4/4 doesn't drive you to insanity, very soothing, performed on analog equipment)

the twilight sad -fourteen autumns and fifteen winters (think shoegazing, slightly emo with guitar solos of noise, and they're probably not old enough to drink legally)

speaking of youngsters, the tiny masters of today aren't barely teenagers if that and rock some leftist slogans with the drummer from jon spencer. pop punk on the rise.

deerhunter, from atlanta, somehow combine ambient music with a punk asthetic and may have put out my favorite album of the year in cryptograms.

the ponys, from chicago, have a great album in turn the lights out that sounds like spiritualized going garage rock. maybe the best traditional rock album of the year.

lcd soundsystem -sound of silver melds dance/techno with indy rock. probably the best song of the year is all my friends. if you ignore everything i've posted at least check that tune out, especially if you're over 30 years old.

you have to dig deep nowadays to find some good tunes but they're there.