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Thread: MD and Clemson

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    MD and Clemson

    great win by clemson against miss st. that will help a lot come selection sunday. maryland, on the other hand, dropped a stink bomb against northeastern.

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    A good sign for Clemson is the way they won it - going 6 of 6 on free throws in the last half minute or so.

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    I'd feel bad for Maryland if it weren't for the pesky fact that I despise them.

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    Maryland - Clemson

    dukie8 Ė When I saw the title of this thread, I immediately figured that great minds think alike. I watched the Terps for the first time last night and had visions of Clemson teams of the past who had plenty of run-jump athletes and size but couldnít shoot. I only recall six shots made by the Terps beyond three feet from the basket. It would be bad enough if this was the only fault of the team. Based on last night, all of their frontcourt players are turnover prone and they were played even on the boards by a smaller team. Further, their five freshmen, particularly the big men, did not show much. Tucker and Bowie played OK but they were pulled when they each made a bad play.

    On the good side, Gist is clearly one of the best players in the ACC and Vasquez, if he can get out of his shooting doldrums, is one of the best guards. How well the Terps do this year will depend on their supporting cast, particularly the development of the freshmen. I expect Tucker and Bowie to develop and provide some contributions by mid-year but the Terps need one or two of Dupree, Walker, Burney or Gregory to step up. So far, those four players are 1-12 from the field and 0-4 from the foul line.

    I expect the game against UCLA to get ugly but the Bruins only average 76 points so I donít expect a blow out.


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