Pretty subdued. It's been a long season. There are only so many ways one can say "we need better execution." Not to say it isn't true.

Thad Lewis, Ayanga Okpokowuruk, Zach Maurides, and Ted Roof talked.

Clemson a tough task. No surprise. Again, one of the keys is keeping the ball and you've got run to keep the ball. Maurides mentioned that Duke had trouble with the crowd noise at Miami and FSU. "Couldn't execute the audible system." Communication needs to improve. "The key is to have five guys knowing what everybody else is doing on every play."

ZM gives Thad high praise for his ability to take over in the huddle and get everyone to focus.

Thad mentioned that one of the strengths of Clemson's defense is its ability to disguise its schemes until the last possible second. Combine that with the communication problems along the offensive line and, well you see the problem. Hopefully, crowd noise won't be quite the problem this week.
Expect to see more audibles than usual.

Everybody playing for pride. Seniors focused on going out with some wins.

Duke playing lots more people on OL. That keeps guys fresher and accounts for improved pass blocking late in game.

Okpokowuruk asked why Duke D tightens up in red zone but unable to get three and outs further up the field. Other than the red zone shortening the field, he didn't know either.

A.O. expects Clemson to challenge him early. His job is to get dirty and keep Clemson from running downhill. He says he's still learning to play inside and tends to overthink things. Needs to just "go and play."

Roof was pleased with the tackling against FSU and the punting. Says Duke can move the ball against anybody "if we can protect the quarterback." Calls Davis and Spiller the best backfield combination in the nation.

Possibility that Georgia Tech game will be at 7 on TV; otherwise, 1 P.M.

And before you ask, no, nobody asked anybody about any possible coaching changes and nobody volunteered anything either. Focus on next game.