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    About 150 feet in front of the Duke Chapel doors.

    Calling kewlswim!

    Buddy, Doris Burke is working the Cavs/Celts pre-season game tonight on ESPN.

    Just thought you'd like to know! ;-)

    Andre Dawkins: “People ask me if I can still shoot, and I ask them if they can still breathe. That’s kind of the same thing.”

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    Ya, kewl buddy. That's yo woman!

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    Skinker-DeBaliviere, Saint Louis
    BTW, I'm starting a petition for Erin Andrews to let her real hair color grow out. It's like icing on the Sistine ceiling.

    A movie is not about what it's about; it's about how it's about it.
    ---Roger Ebert

    Some questions cannot be answered
    Who’s gonna bury who
    We need a love like Johnny, Johnny and June
    ---Over the Rhine

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