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    Also interesting that we are number 2 but with no one on the pre-season All-ACC squad. The voters must really like our freshman ...
    I think it's evidence that this is viewed as a pretty balanced Duke team with several different players that could breakout on a given night. That's probably a good thing, although I question what it means in clutch situations. Perhaps this is why K is putting the players in these situations more often in practice.
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    Zeb - We are on the same page. Like most fans, I was very frustrated with the 4-8 finish last year and I hope for a major improvement this year. Paulus and Scheyer appeared to give it their all during those 12 games although one was coming off an injury and the other seemed to be playing on tired legs. I think that the perimeter group of Paulus, Nelson, Henderson, Scheyer and Smith will be very strong this year. I have high hopes for Smith who is a local youngster from the Maryland burbs. His dad was a top player for Louisville (I believe that he started as a sixteen year old freshman) and was a coach for the Wizards.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeb View Post
    My personal opinion is that Greg has turned out to be more of a shooting guard. His shooting at the end of last year really suprised me (and I agree with K's assessment that is one of his strengths). However I think he is not as proficient with the skills you'd like to see in a traditional Duke PG--providing good on the ball defense of opposing ball handlers, creating easy shots for others, protecting the ball. I have watched Nolan play only briefly, but he seems to have a great handle and a great ability to defend up top. Not sure how good he is at distributing or scoring in general for that matter.

    I guess to summarize, I think Nolan is an intriguing talent and offers an option at PG that we didn't have last year. The reason I posted was that I was happy to see K seems open to using it. Maybe that he would do so is obvious, but it reassured me.
    I share that opinion. Even if Nolan starts, it does not mean that Greg does not play the SG as a starter. In fact, I like Greg and Jon sharing the SG slot where their main job is to pull the trigger Jon is sometimes reluctant to pull, and to assist Nolan as secondary PG.

    Similarly Nelson could start and go full out knowing he has a more than capable sub in Gerald.

    Singler at the 4 with McClure ready as defensive sub and King Taylor for Offense.

    Lance and Zoubek share the 5 spot with King available if fouls mount or Duke needs to spread the floor.

    Hard to find a spot for Marty other than when Greg/Jon have to be primary PG while Nolan is resting, Marty may play some SG/WF, or when Gerald has to play the small 4 and Singler the 5 if fouls mount.

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