Here are a few of my favorite tips for our BBS system:

User Control Panel Towards the top of the page, there is a User CP link. This lets you edit your personal preferences for the Board. Many defaults can be can be changed in "Edit Options". Please make sure you have Time Zone set to "Automatically detect DST settings".

Posts per Page In the User CP > Edit Options, you can choose how many posts you want to see per page if you use linear view (recommended, see below). I think 10 is the default; I like 20.

Go to First New Post Probably my favorite tip. This feature let's you pick up where you left off, jumping to the oldest unread message in a thread, without scrolling through to find it yourself. You must use Linear View (the one with all the posts on one or several pages). Useful for the really long threads, though you must be logged in for it to work. In any particular forum, just to the left of an unread thread's subject, there's a small, blue box with an arrow pointing down. Click that arrow to jump to the first unread message. (If you float your mouse over the arrow, it says "Go to first new post".)

Preview Post There is a "Preview Post" button you can click when creating a new message. If you're quoting, creating tables, or using other formatting codes (see below), please preview to check yourself before posting.

Quoting Rather than hitting Reply, use the Quote button and leave the link-back code (the part at the very beginning), so readers can jump back to the original quoted message. Do strip the parts of the quote out you're not addressing and leave the parts you are, but make sure to leave the "[quote]" and "[/quote]" tags intact.

Stats Put stats and other tables between the tags "[code]" and "[/code]" (see VB Tags, next) and it'll make your post much more readable. A slightly easier way is to just use the Courier font in the WYSIWYG editor (User CP > edit options), but note that the BBS system strips multiple spaces down to a single space which can squeeze your table. The Code tag doesn't strip spaces.

VB Tags Our board supports most of the tags listed here. You can use them to format your messages for better readability. Please don't bold entire posts, though, or otherwise make it too outlandish. "Better" not "Noisier".

Search Please use the search function before starting a new thread. Many topics have been covered already, and the Mods will probably just merge your new thread into the appropriate one.

And on that note, I'm starting a new Tips thread anyway as the original one is only somewhat relevant now. Please post any useful tips you have here. If you have questions, post them here. We'll usually delete the question after it's been answered, and may well heavily edit the answer as a Tip. If this works out well, we'll consolidate and add this to the reference sticky.