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    Rockies - Best Team in Baseball History?

    What have they won? 17 of last 18?

    Despite the break, the lull, they pick it right back up and are winning 4-1 tonight.

    Will they lose again? Go undefeated in 2008? Good Lord.

    Still, I love it. Now that the Cubs are out, I'm pulling for the Rockies to at least make the World Series.


    P.S. Really, when was their last loss?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EarlJam View Post
    P.S. Really, when was their last loss?
    The D-Backs took 1 of 3 in the last weekend of the regular season. Before that, the Rockies swept the Dodgers (twice) and San Diego (once, with the playoff kicker).

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    If the context is the ESPN-esque notion of whatever has happened in the last half hour is the greatest X in the history of X, then yes, the Rockies are the greatest team in the history of baseball, and maybe #2 or #3 in all of organized sport.

    Seriously, the whole Rockies thing is fun. They have the feel of the 2005 White Sox (won their last 14 out of 15 I think, with a couple of controversies along the way), with a little younger team all around.
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