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    Last One Standing - Discovery Ch.

    I'm watching 'Last One Standing' debut on the Discovery Channel.

    Official Show Description: 6 American and British athletes train alongside indigenous tribesmen to represent their host tribe in ritual competition.

    My Simple Description: UFC + National Geographic reality show.

    Anyone else watch this show? I've been watching it for 25mins and I'm hooked.
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    1st Episode (no spoils): I loved it. It seems like the tribal leader/shaman picks the best fighter in each show.

    I have a general distain for most reality shows but this one has a cool educational side while still having some serious drama (fighting). Additionally, the US + UK contestants seem respectful to the indigenous folk and to each other… but it was only 1 episode. I'll keep watching (for now).

    Next up: Zulu Stick Fighting! (ouch!)

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