Just a quick question... and I suppose we can use this thread to talk about the FedEx Cup because the other thread about Mickelson skipping this week's event has dropped down a bit and I was too lazy to look for it

Ok, here is my question-- These are playoffs, right? You have a regular season to qualify for the playoffs and then you have a playoff. What matters, once you reach the playoffs, is how well you play in the playoffs, right?

Cause that sure ain't the way this crazy thing works. I want to know how Vijay Singh can possibly be playing in next week's Tour Championship. I know the guy had his typical excellent season but lately-- NOW THAT THE PLAYOFFS ARE HERE-- he has been terrible.

He missed the cut at the PGA, then he missed the cut at the Barclays in the "first round" of the playoffs. Last week he came in 60th. This week there is no cut in the event so he will make money again, but he is currently 62nd out of 66 players. Uhhhh, that's BAAAAD!

And yet, he is perfectly safe and will qualify for the Tour Championship next week-- no problem. Heck, there may even be some crazy set of circumstances which would allow him to WIN THE FEDEX CUP if he wins next week-- despite the fact that he has thus far been godawful in the "playoffs."

The PGA needs to really work on how this whole thing works and make it make more sense to people.

--Jason "amazing how up-and-down some golfers are" Evans