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    State nabs a two for one

    Hey guys,

    I felt like I could give some insight on the two twins from Davie County, Cody and Caleb Martin. I must start by saying that this was a great pick by NC State and a huge loss by UNC. I only wished that Duke would have looked at them but I knew they were under the radar. Just to tell you about the boys, they have great character and work ethic. They are also very humble if you see some of the interviews. They are the type of kids that have been offered to play at Winston-Salem Prep, and Oak Hill but have turned them down because they want to play for their school and county. They are from a small town and are treated like stars but according to them, they don't see what the big deal is. I've had the pleasure of coaching them in little league ball from 4th grade through 6th grade. I might be wrong about these two and yes I'm bias but I believe they could move up in the rankings this year. They have really improved a lot over the summer in AAU and I look forward to watching them progress this year as well as their career with NC State.

    Also just to clarify on some things, the stories that you have heard about Roy not talking to them when they visited UNC was completely false.

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    Thanks for the personal observations on the Martin twins. I dunno if they were under the radar (they are ranked in the top 40 by most recruiting services). I think it was probably more a case of Duke not needing more mid-sized guys in their class. After all, Sheed, Semi, and Matt Jones will all still be sophs and juniors here when they arrive in college.

    Really nice pickup for State. It is impossible not to see the recruiting job Gottfried is doing for the Pack and not be impressed. I know he was a great recruiter at Alabama too. At 'Bama it only took him a few years to build the program into one of the top ones in the conference (and into a significant player on the national stage too) but then they slipped a bit and fell off a cliff rather quickly. It is clear that he can bring in the talent to compete with any program in the nation. It will be interesting to see if he can keep State in the top tier of the ACC over the long term.

    -Jason "I wish them well at State... beat UNC!!" Evans
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