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    ESPNU's Midnight Madness coverage tonight question

    ESPN's coverage of college basketball's first night of practices is on ESPNU tonight at 9:00. They are promoting being at Kentucky to raise the banner and at Indiana for tbe #1 team for 2012-13. Is Duke having anything tonight and will there be coverage?

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    That would be a no. I myself was not pleased that they weren't going to show our boys tonight. Oh well. At least we really get to see them practice on Monday. Go Duke.

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    Duke's "Midnight Madness" event, Countdown to Craziness, is scheduled for NEXT Friday, October 19th. So no, ESPN will not be showing Duke's Midnight Madness tonight because it is not occurring tonight. And if you would like to watch it I would suggest It's only $10 for a one month subscription so you would get CTC and the 2 exhibition games live and you can watch full replays. The video quality has been improved significantly the last few years, I have not had any problems with it.

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    Midnight Madness Begins Now

    FWIW, the Midnight Madness festivities start now, at 7:00, on ESPN3. I'm about to tune into NC State's Primetime with The 'Pack. Kentucky is at 7:28. Late Night with Roy will be on too, et al.

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