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    Pitch Perfect (Spoilers)

    Saw it this weekend and really enjoyed it. I think it's the most John Hughes esque movie that's come out since the 80's. It captures a lot of how college might feel, and it wondefully uses the a-cappella world as a microcosm of the social pressures of fitting in, conforming to norms and stereotypes, etc.

    The lead is great (Anna Kendrick is, I think, one of the best young actresses around - I've yet to see anything she's done that I did not enjoy, and she has great range). The male lead is inherently believable and likeable (Skylar Astin). The music is well done. The mashups are great. The humor comes flying at you. It has wonderful cameos from John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks....but the person who STEALS this movie (surrounded by really good jobs) is Rachel Wilson as Fat Amy. She was really funny in Bridesmaids. In this movie, she solidifies herself as a true star. She delivers her punchlines with perfection. She outdoes Bridesmaids own Melissa McCarthy. Rachel Wilson is simply brilliant in this movie.

    If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

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    Anyone else see this movie yet? Curious to hear other's thoughts. It's holding up really well at the box office (so clearly getting great word of mouth).

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    I took my wife to see the movie partly based on this thread (and then reading some other good reviews). We both really enjoyed it! (and she was more skeptical going in).

    The interesting part to me is in the credits I saw it was based on a book. I imagine they changed things substantially since a lot of what makes the movie enjoyable is hearing all the different songs and mashups - something that wouldn't come across in book form.

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