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    Cut often talks about building the pro-grum. I believe he means it, and I like the way he says it--sorta like his mentor, the Bear, might have said it.

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    Having asked Cut a few questions in post games and teleconference on where he sees the program and if he is happy with its progress I can say he seems pretty excited. He talked about that excitement of building a program and he really has had to start from scratch. I think there is a lot of pride in what he has done and now the fruits of his labors are starting to ripen. I think he see's the opportunity that could be at Duke to makes something his own. And while he is as humble a man as I've ever met he, as anyone would be, has to love the chance to leave an ever lasting mark on a place like he is likely to do with Duke Football. I say name the field after him in a few years.

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