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    Other Duke Sports on TV, 2012-2013 Edition

    The ACC has announced its Fall TV schedule for all the other non-Football sports, which for Duke at this point is mainly the Soccer schedule, since no Field Hockey or Volleyball games were chosen. The outlets will mostly be the same as last year, but the ACC is also streaming some events live in conjunction with YouTube. RSN games usually have an affiliate listing closer to the time of the game. Here is the full list:

    Here are the Duke games with times (all Eastern) and channels and (M) for Men's games and (W) for Women's games:
    (W) Thursday, September 13th, 7:00pm, @ Florida State, ESPN3
    (W) Sunday, September 16th, 2:00pm, @ Miami, ESPN3
    (M) Friday, September 28th, 7:00pm, vs North Carolina, ACCDN/Youtube
    (W) Sunday, September 30th, 4:00pm, @ Virginia, ESPNU
    (M) Friday, October 5th, 6:30pm, @ North Carolina State, RSN/ESPN3
    (W) Thursday, October 11th, 7:00pm, @ North Carolina State, ESPN3
    (M) Friday, October 12th, 7:00pm, vs Maryland, RSN/ESPN3
    (W) Sunday, October 14th, 1:00pm, vs Wake Forest, RSN/ESPN3
    (W) Thursday, October 18th, 7:00pm, vs North Carolina, ACCDN/Youtube
    (M) Friday, October 19th, 7:00pm, vs Boston College, ACCDN/Youtube

    The Women's Soccer game at USC is also scheduled for live coverage on the Pac-12 Los Angeles Network at 7:00pm Eastern on Friday, August 31st (it was passed over as the primary game by Stanford and Boston College). The game will be shown delayed on the national and 5 other regional Pac-12 networks on Saturday, September 1st, at 7:30pm Eastern.

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    Bringing this thread up for the first televised event of the season on Friday. Sadly, the number of people who can see it live on television is relatively small and mostly limited to Southern California. People who have the Pac 12 Network from certain providers should be able to watch it live online though.

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    Duke Women's Soccer has a couple of key games in Florida this weekend on ESPN3. Tomorrow's game is between 1 and 2 in the rankings.

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    Hopefully the ESPN3 feed works better on Sunday. The game is at 1:00pm Eastern and not 2:00pm as I posted earlier.

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    There are two soccer games on this weekend. The men's team will be facing North Carolina on Friday at 7:00pm Eastern with the game being broadcast by the ACC on YouTube on their channel. This type of broadcast debuted last week and seemed okay.

    The women's team had Sunday's game at Virginia moved up to 2:00pm Eastern so that it could be broadcast on ESPNU. It will also be on ESPN3.

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    Men's Soccer will be playing NC State at 6:30pm Eastern tomorrow. The ACC does not seem to want to post RSN affiliates for these games. According to, it will be on live on Fox Sports South, Fox Sports Florida, CSN Mid-Atlantic, NESN, and Fox Sports Arizona Plus. It is also on ESPN3, but may be subject to blackout.

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    There are several soccer games on this weekend. The Women's team starts things off at North Carolina State tomorrow at 7:00pm Eastern on ESPN3.

    On Friday, the Men's team hosts top-ranked Maryland at 7:00pm Eastern. Those who cannot watch in person can catch the game on ESPN3 (blackouts may apply) or one of the regional sports networks with the syndicated ACC package. The conference website has the live coverage listed as being on Fox Sports South, Fox Sports Florida, CSN Mid-Atlantic, NESN, Fox Sports Arizona, Fox Sports San Diego, and Primeticket.

    On Sunday, the Women's team is back in action when they host Wake Forest at 1:00pm Eastern. That game will also be on ESPN3 (subject to blackout) and the same cable channels per the ACC Website: Fox Sports South, Fox Sports Florida, CSN Mid-Atlantic, NESN, Fox Sports Arizona, Fox Sports San Diego, and Primeticket

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    Bumped to remind people of the Women's Soccer game tomorrow.

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    Two games will be on the ACC Youtube Channel this week. The Women's team hosts North Carolina tomorrow and the Men's team hosts Boston College on Friday. Both games are at 7:00pm Eastern. Obviously it would be great for fans who can to go attend the games.

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    The Field Hockey team is playing in the first round of the ACC tournament tomorrow. They will be playing against Maryland in the second game, which should be around 3:30pm Eastern depending on how long the first game runs. It should be on both ESPN3 and on the ACC website. The team will need to win the tournament to make it to the NCAAs, which will be an extremely tough task, but we will take it one game at a time.

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    The Women's Soccer team will find out its NCAA tournament fate on Monday at 4:30 pm Eastern on

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    A couple of events have been added to ESPN3 this week.

    Men's Soccer will have their ACC quarterfinal at North Carolina at 7:00pm Eastern. The team is in a situation where every game could be the last one of the season now.

    Volleyball finally gets a game shown on Thursday at 7:00pm Eastern against Florida State.

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    The Spring list is finally out. Here is the breakdown by sport for Duke games (All times Eastern):

    Friday, April 12th, @ Florida State, 6:00pm, ESPN3
    Sunday, April 14th, @ Florida State, 1:00pm, ESPN3
    Friday, April 19th, @ UNC, 7:00pm, ESPN3
    Saturday, April 20th, @ UNC, 6:00pm, ESPN3
    Sunday, April 21st, @ UNC, 2:00pm, ESPN3

    Women's Lacrosse:
    Saturday, March 2nd, vs Vanderbilt, 2:00pm, ESPN3
    Thursday, March 28th, vs UNC, 7:00pm, YouTube

    Men's Lacrosse:
    Saturday, March 2nd, vs Maryland, 11:00am, ESPNU
    Wednesday, March 13th, @ UNC, 7:30pm, ESPNU
    Friday, April 12th, vs Virginia, 6:00pm, ESPNU

    Here is the full list:

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    The Baseball team's opener at Florida on Friday at 7:00pm Eastern will be on SUN Sports.

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    Two championships will be freely streamed this week.

    Women's Swimming and both Diving Teams will have streaming coverage of their ACC Championship on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:00pm Eastern. They will be available on both ESPN3 and the ACC website. Here is the schedule of events for those days:

    Indoor Track and Field will have have streaming coverage on Friday at 4:00pm Eastern and Saturday at 12:00pm Eastern. That will only be on the ACC website. Here is the schedule of events:

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    Duke will be providing free audio of baseball games this year, including away games. Here are the details (audio is free):

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    MLax vs. Penn

    Friday night's game will be streamed (not for free, alas) at

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    The Men's Swimming Championship will be streamed on both ESPN3 and the ACC website on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday starting at 7:00pm Eastern on each day.

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    Lacrosse doubleheader on Saturday. The men host Maryland at 11:00am Eastern on ESPNU. The women follow them against Vanderbilt at 2:00pm Eastern on ESPN3

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    The ACC Wrestling Championships will be on ESPN3 with coverage starting at 11:00am Eastern and the finals scheduled for 7:00pm Eastern.

    The NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championship will be on ESPN3 with Friday coverage starting at 6:25pm Eastern and Saturday coverage at 6:50pm Eastern.

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