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    Jack Twyman Front Page Story

    Thanks for posting the links to the story of Jack Twyman. I am 51 years old and do not remember Mr. Twyman, but reading his story should be required reading in High School's across America. What can you say about a man that despite all the reasons to do nothing (race issues, time committment, family sacrifice), did what he did for a friend. All I can say is that I hope that I can be half the friend and man that Jack Twyman appears to have been. He is remembered more for his actions off the court, and his compassion for Mo Stokes is more than inspiring.

    There can never be enough "Jack Twymans" in this world. He will be missed.

    Thanks DBR for sharing.

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    Thank You DBR

    I love the stories DBR linked in regards to Jack Twyman. The term of and off the court comes to mind and as great a player as he was it seems for certain he was a better person. Godspeed Mr. Twyman.

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    I concur with the two previous posts. Thanks for the links, particularly, the article by Bill Koch. I saw Jack play for the Royals and he, indeed, was a gunner and a player to be picked on by the opposition fans. His help of his friend, Mo Stokes, was both wonderful and exceptional and was in line with his extraordinary personality.

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    Pittsburgh is generally not known as a basketball hotbed, but as a young Turk I learned he was an alumnus of my high school, and he was often cited as a role model. RIP.
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