I'm late to the party, but this is great news - I'm not sure I'm sold on him being a regular next season, unless he packs on some serious muscle this summer, but I think he'll be a GREAT asset to our program as a SO-SR. FWIW, my thoughts on what we're getting, having seen him play a couple of times:

First off, IMO, he's in no way a wing/SF. What he is is a long, skinny 6'8-6'9 PF (he's not only 6'7 in "basketball height") who isn't that much of an above the rim player, but has incredibly quick feet and hands for his size and an incredibly intuitive sense of how to score the ball around the rim. Brick Oettinger had some interesting things to say about him, including an Antawn Jamison comparison (style-wise) and a great point about how quick he gets the ball up on the glass (often before the defender can get their hands up to contest the shot). Whereas the Plumlees seem to get a little more methodical when they're posting up around the rim, for example, Amile seems to get quicker and more intuitive; he just feels his way out finds a way to get the ball past the defender and to the rim whenever a sliver opens up. He often "quick-shoots" guys, as Brick said.

It's more about what he will be than what he is, at this point. I'm excited to see how his game evolves as he starts to catch up strength-wise, which should also give him a little more vertical explosiveness. He was completely physically overmatched against Kaleb Tarczewski last winter, for example, but he's not afraid to bang in the post and gives it everything he's got, even with his slight frame.

If he can bulk up, I think it will not only and help him get him on a more level playing field when defending/rebounding with opposing bigs, it will make his intuitive scoring ability in the post that much more effective. IMO, he's the most natural post scorer we've had in a long time, and how well he's able to translate that will depend on how much he can progress physically.