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    Thanks for the front page Johnny D video!

    I've remembered it ever since seeing it at the banquet senior year and have longed to see it again! Those were just the greatest videos back then, each so appropriate to the player being honored and they really captured the spirit of Cameron. I think Jay Jennings and Mrs. K put them together. The crowd's anticipation of the videos at the banquet back then was nearly as hard as waiting for Christmas morning. I'd love to see more of them if you have access! They were masterpieces. Danny Ferry's was to the Superman theme song with the titles receding front to back like the movies. It was great. And how could anybody ever forget Christian's composite to Natalie Cole singing "Unforgettable". Talk about appropriate!

    Please, can you find the others?
    Love, Ima

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    Amen, that made my morning!
    "What, me worry?" -- Roy Williams

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