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    I barely exist

    My first name doesn't come up for females. I was named for a great-grandfather, and it is an Irish male name, but there are only 5 of them in the US. I've never run into anyone with the same first name. My middle name is almost 1100, and maiden name is upwards of 12,000. My "married" name is common, under 50, but I won't count it - divorce

    It's interesting to see that my granddaughter's name isn't nearly as uncommon as my son and his wife thought it was....

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    This lists surnames only, so a lot of first names won't rate.

    Eric nets zero, but my last name comes in at 27,105 with 840 occurances in the 2000 Census, and 2 occurances currently on DBR.

    "...Man, who even now finds scarce breathing room on this vast globe, cannot retire from the Old World to some yet undiscovered continent, and wait for the slow action of such causes to replace, by a new creation, the Eden he has wasted".
    -George Perkins Marsh (1864)

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    My first name ranks # 6
    Middle name ranks # 912
    Last name ranks # 2712

    Total 3630

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