I would ask you to go to this link and vote for Adam White. Adam is a friend of mine who was recently accepted into a Duke certificate program to help non profit groups owners manage their charities. Adam's charity is the Vicky Honeycutt foundation. Vicky was the mother of Adam's good friend and a beloved teacher in the Concord, NC area who recently died of cancer. My wife had her in High School, and worked with her when she herself became a teacher in the school system. The charity is set up specifically to give financial assistance to teachers dealing with cancer related illnesses in their immediate family. You can read about the foundation here:

The poll above is a charity drive where the winning foundation receives $1,000 and is featured on the Family Dollar website. Adam is currently either first or second in this poll, and it closes in just over a week. You are allowed to vote once per day and registration is required. However, you can opt out of any advertising or spam when you register.

Please take a few minutes to vote. It costs nothing, helps out someone with Duke ties, and is for a very worthy cause. Thanks!