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    Start planning ahead!

    What are you dudes and dudettes planing for your mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, daughters and daughters-in-law who are mothers for Mother's Day?

    You can thank me for the reminder later.....
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    Leaving them alone so as not to remind them what an embarrassment I am to the family name?

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    I never do anything for daughter-in-law and sister has her own family. All the rest are dead. Guess I'll go to the casino.

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    Geez, this isn't very promising.

    As a mother myself (no wisecracks thank you) I was expecting the DBR-ers to be a tad more sentimental!

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    I am taking the kids to the beach for the weekend and giving her some peace and quiet.

    And I am sure I'll cook her something nice for dinner.
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    Mom is getting a kindle, a series of massages (her favorite thing), and then my parents and my wife's parents are coming over for dinner. We also have a friend who sells some sort of jewelry something or other that women apparently like (Stella and Dot?) - and we'll be buying my mom a necklace or something from there.
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