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    Having not really looked at Elton for awhile I have to say that he has matured very nicely. He is quite handsome.

    I agree about Dahtnay. He deserves to be much higher than 30th. And how about Corey Magette? He was always a favorite. He had that great smile.

    Speaking of great smiles, when Andre Dawkins gets to the NBA he will be on top of this list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonpie23 View Post
    my wife mysteriously began watching ALL of the game on TV when JJ was a sophomore......i noticed it one night and asked her why she was actually watching the whole game.....she said that because **I** loved duke BB so much that she was making an effort to join in....I smiled with pride....

    then a month or two later, i informed her of the game's starting time and she answered, "is JJ playing"? i said, "why? is he hurt? where did you hear that".....she said, "oh i didn't hear anything, i was just wondering"

    I said, "of course he's playing" and just kinda let it roll off.......then it struck me.......

    AH HA!!!!!!

    i said, "you're just watching to see JJ aren't you"? to which she said, "he is dang good looking"...

    i'll pick her up a copy of cosmo....
    HEY! That was my whole reason for watching Dancing with The Stars I used on my wife... told her I wanted to find some common ground on TV to be able to have a show to watch and discuss. Only problem is she keeps mentioning guys names and I had not noticed that there were dudes on the show.....

    BTW, I got a Edyta Śliwińska signed photo as a retirement gift.... ohhh boy, I sure miss her on the show.

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