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    CrossYourFingers/Duke Research Internship

    After I graduated with my bachelor's, I have been working off and on with Geographic Information Systems (almost exclusively with ArcGIS at this point). I finally feel comfortable enough to go out and seek internships and positions utilizing GIS. Well I stumbled on a research position with Clark Labs doing forestry gruntwork and GIS for the summer and submitted an application -- EXCITING.

    So I am here trolling for positive vibes. Using the power of our collective subconscious via superstring theory, surely we can affect a positive outcome!

    And if anyone here does work with companies or organizations that use GIS and seem like they might want to abuse an enthusiastic young intern, please let me know via PM in case I don't get the position!

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    You've got the vibes oh ursine one, I wish I just had some connections for you!
    Go get 'em!

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