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The softness with which Boozer often plays these days (fadeaway jumpers, weak finishes at the rim) is very frustrating to Bulls fans, particularly against a small team like the Sixers.
I have said it many times to my family in Illinois who never watched Boozer before he came to Chicago. He is one of the best pick and roll/pop PFs in the league, but he is no longer physically gifted enough to create his own offense and has struggled to fit in the offense in Chicago. Rose is a great player, he isn't yet the passer or pick and roll player Deron Williams was.

Now almost 31 and in a career full of lower body injuries, he shouldn't be expected to be the offensive dynamo he once was. He is simply past his prime. I still think he can contribute, but you have to get him to take more shots (just 8 and 10 attempts the last 2 games). Make it a goal to run 10-12 pick and rolls a game with him, get him around 17 shots a game.

Heck, you could even run pick and rolls to get Noah on the high post cause he is such a good passer and let Boozer play elbows/baseline, which would then let Noah crash the offensive boards. But I think CDu (?) said it -- the backup PGs for Chicago, especially when Lucas is in the game aren't really distributers...

I think with Rose down the Bulls need to play more through Deng, Boozer, Noah and less through Watson/Lucas.