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The thing you seem to be overlooking, however, is that Chris and Wojo are extremely happy with their current situations at Duke. It is often publicized that the Duke coaching family is very close, and very well taken-care-of. They simply don't want to leave, UNLESS a golden opportunity arises. They are perfectly aware of the fact that golden opportunities are, well... golden. That is to say, they're pretty rare. But because of the fact that, at the moment, they like where they are in their lives, the two are more than comfortable biding their time until the right situation comes along.

This all could change in the coming years (with K leaving and growing ambitions), but for the time being, I'd be surprised if either one of them moves to a position that is anything but perfect.
I understand that they've got about the best gigs as assistants in all of college basketball. That being said, I also assume that one, or both, would like to be considered to be Ks replacement whenever that day comes. I would hope that both would want to actually be head coaches, and I would hope that Duke wouldn't consider guys who don't have head coaching experience. Hence, I'd think, as perfect as Duke may be, both gets that they need to cut the cord and make out on their own.

I also don't think, at this point, either is going to get offered a position that's "perfect" as they seem to define it and that for Chris, Illinois State is probably as close as he's going to see.