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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg_Newton View Post
    Fair or not, I think the situation is different than it would have been if a 6'2 PG had done the elbowing. Artest is one of the most spastic and unpredictable players in the NBA, but he's also one of the strongest and most powerful; when he loses control, he's really dangerous. That was a shot that would have ended a heavyweight MMA fight.

    At some point, it's just not safe for him to be on the court, whether he's being intentionally malicious or not.
    Agree. What if the elbow had caught Harden in the face? Might have been as bad as Rudy T. Or what if a 6'2 PG had been the recipient of the elbow? It could have been a career ending shot. Harden and the NBA are fortunate but next time could be really bad.

    Wainstein Report Page 19 Section G:
    In men’s basketball, academic counselor Burgess McSwain (“McSwain”) and
    her successor Wayne Walden routinely called Crowder to arrange classes for their
    Roy Williams Of Nazareth had no knowledge however. He is sinless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theAlaskanBear View Post
    These are just tired cliches thrown out by people who don't watch the NBA. The Spurs for a long time were the physical, semi-dirty team you claim to despise. Bruce Bowen anyone? The Suns-Spurs playoffs?

    You can't speak in such generalizations. For every "bad" NBA game I can show you a "bad" college game. It's the nature of basketball...
    I'm not sure why I'm in the position of defending my distaste for the NBA. It's an opinion. I like soccer, but people think it's too slow and there isn't enough scoring. Are those people wrong because their objections are "tired cliches?" No. It's taste. I like it, they don't.

    All I stated was that the clip - which is unquestionably a terrible moment for all of basketball - seems to epitomize lots of reasons that I personally don't like the NBA. I'm not trying to bring down The Association. Now please don't suggest that I'm some neophyte who doesn't watch NBA games. You are embarrassing yourself and me. I've watched NBA for the last 25 years and I never said anything about "bad" games or "bad" teams. We could have an interesting discussion on another thread about whether or not the NBA has slowly been eating away at the quality and integrity of college basketball, but that would be a topic for another thread.

    Can we please just agree that Artest is a self-promoting jerk whose multiple attempts at turning over a new leaf and rebranding himself invariably lead to recidivism?

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