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    Hi all -- what is the best way to use this forum on an iPad? do you just view it in safari? or do folks use any apps to make it easier? thanks!

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    I just view it via Safari. It should automatically load in our "mobile" format. If not, you can set that parameter at the bottom left of each page via the drop-down menu. (Default for non-mobile browsers is our "blue" format.) It works pretty well.

    There are no official apps for our boards, and I'm not aware of any good generic board apps that make the experience better or easier, but I'm an amateur with the iPad. If anyone has any recommendations, I'd like to hear them myself!

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    I use Safari as well. It works fine.

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    I just downloaded the DBSTalk app to check it out and it's definitely much nicer looking that the default mobile view in safari.
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