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    Michigan's Smotrycz to Maryland

    Could be a good get for Maryland: Evan Smotrycz heading to Maryland
    Former Michigan forward Evan Smotrycz is heading from the Big Ten to the ACC.
    Smotrycz, a 6-foot-9 forward from Reading, Mass., said Monday he has decided to transfer to Maryland over his other two finalists, Colorado and Providence. He made an official visit to Maryland this weekend.
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    Good pickup for Maryland. They have good players in place. He is a real good shooter. Combine that with the recruiting class in place and Nick Faust Turgeon will have them boys in contention just like Gary Williams.

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    I seem to remember him coming off as cocky and running his mouth when we played Michigan in the tourney in 2011. If I recall, he did some damage against us in the first half, ran his mouth, before eventually fouling out and retreating into sunset.

    Makes perfect sense that a guy who rubbed me the wrong way would end up a turtle. I can see him becoming like David Neal, but better. Big turtle goon who likes to play chippy and can shoot the 3.

    His quotes are kind of odd, though. I can't think of a better system for Smotrycz than Michigan's. He is a big guy who is an outstanding shooter. Who knows what the real problem was.

    Either way, he will be a good player who will be a pain in our backsides in the near future.

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    The ACC will be much tougher in the future. I expect Maryland and UVA to continue to improve under their new coaches. State will be a lot better going forward as well. Things should be heading back to the good old days where 4-5 conference loss seasons would get you first place. I think it will be good for Duke to be challenged.

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    Smot is, as mentioned above, a really good shooter from distance and a capable defensive rebounder. However, I am sure there has been a less effective individual defender in high D1 recently, but I don't know who that might be. Dukemsu
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    As a Michigan fan not looking forward to have to root against one of my favorite players (and names, haha) in recent memory. He's gonna be a very good player as a Terp, just watch. Think of him as a mix, albeit less talented, of Singer and Kelly—provides a height mismatch at the three but is also often the best three point shooter on the floor. He's gonna create a lot of matchup problems.
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