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Other than Billy McCaffrey, I can't think of a transfer who left who we then really regretted losing, except maybe Elliott Williams, and even then we won the title without him so we did okay for ourselves. Not trying to put down our former players, but I do think there's a reason that people transfer and a lot of times it's because they weren't as prepared for college ball as everyone thought. Like you said, this may or may not wind up being the case with Gbinije.

I think a positive way to look at things would be that we run a high-level program and every year we bring in top recruits who are very accomplished in high school and accustomed to being the star. There's always a degree of uncertainty in evaluating players, for any school, and there's only so much playing time to go around, so inevitably some players are going to find that Duke doesn't work for them, or that they'd be better off going elsewhere. Sometimes players leave, and other times they're willing to play a supporting role (Nate James comes to mind as a guy that could have started at a lot of other schools and there were in fact rumors that we was going to transfer, but he instead decided to stay).

If nobody every transferred away from Duke, that probably wouldn't be a good thing either.

We basically have ten guys who would qualify for being "in the rotation" next year - Quinn, Tyler, Seth, Rasheed, Andre, Murphy, Josh, Ryan, Mason, and Marshall. Coach K typically plays a 7-man rotation, maybe 8. Someone was going to get pushed for time. Even without Gbinije, someone will still be playing fewer minutes than they "deserve."
Great post. Transfers are what happen when you stockpile serious talent, and Duke had more high-major recruits than it had spots to play them. I don't want to use the word "Darwinian;" a guy like Pete Carroll would instead call it "competitive." Regardless, you have a situation where {g} may not have gotten big minutes at any point in his career, should Murphy prove as excellent as many think and should a guy like Jabari Parker end up wearing white at Cameron Indoor. If that was going to be the case, he probably made the right decision for himself. I wish him all success. Duke will be fine.