One thing that needs to be said is that most college "big men" do not play the low post in the NBA. Dirk Nowitski is 7' tall but doesn't play the low post. Is he an NBA big man? I think so, others might disagree. So what does it mean to develop a big man? Mike Dunlevy, who is having a very nice NBA career and developed quite nicely at Duke, is 6'9". Tony Parker, high school big man and future college big man of the moment, is 6'7.5". Who is the big man? Does Duke get credit for Dunlevy as a big man, or is this discounted because he's not a low post player and has height but not weight? Let's look at the Duke players now in the NBA: •Carlos Boozer•Elton Brand•Luol Deng•Chris Duhon •Shane Battier - Corey Maggette •Josh McRoberts •Shelden Williams •J.J. Redick •Dahntay Jones •Grant Hill•Mike Dunleavy Jr.•Gerald Henderson Jr.•Kyrie Irving•Nolan Smith •Lance Thomas. I count eight or nine Duke players in the NBA who are 6'8 or bigger (which is to say they are taller than Tony Parker and could play the four or the five on a top Division 1 team) Add Kyle Singler, who will play in the NBA, and that's nine or ten. If you limit this to players who are physically big as well as tall, I count five. There are not 20 universities who have five players of any description in the NBA, let alone big men. I think too many of us have taken the bait on this big men argument. It is a false argument.