Rather than have separate threads for the Braves, Yankees and everybody else in the world, I thought we could combine our baseball thoughts into one generic thread (obviously, if there are unique issues that arise, those could go separately).

Personally, it was a pretty nightmarish start for the season as my two favorite teams -- the Yankees (1) and the Braves (2) both opened 0-3.

I'm not too worried about the Yanks (and, indeed, they appear to be back on the right track thanks to the Orioles).

I was, however, growing more concerned about the Braves after their 0-4 start. Interesting that they finally won last night after getting Chipper Jones back in the lineup for the first time. He helped matters with a homer and a single in a 6-4 victory in Houston. I think that emphasizes what a key player he still is for the offensively challenged Braves. That's kind of scary given his age and fragile health.

Still, it's early and like every spring, I'm optimistic about the chances for another Atlanta-New York World Series!