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    Quote Originally Posted by AZLA View Post
    So they met your expectations? Sheeesh.

    Yes. They underperformed.
    For the regular season, we over-performed. We had one of the toughest schedules in the country and won 26 games. We beat a bunch of NCAA tournament teams (including some very high seeds), won the Maui invitational, beat UNC at their place in a thriller and had a ridiculous comeback versus NC State. We played for the ACC regular season title in the last game of the regular season. The only bad showings were two bad losses (at Temple, Miami in OT) and a pair of big-margin losses (at Ohio State, UNC), although the latter amounts to style points more than anything else.

    In the ACC tournament, we did OK. We didn't look great against Va Tech, but we won. FSU had a strong team this season. A close semifinal loss to them was not a great result, but was hardly embarrassing either.

    We did enough to earn a 2-seed. I'm not sure what your expectations were, but earning a 2-seed seems like a pretty strong result to that point in the season. To argue that we underperformed is to say you expected a 1-seed, which seems ambitious after losing Smith, Singler and Irving. To argue that we should have garnered a higher 2-seed is nitpicking.

    So about the only way one can argue that we underperformed is if the NCAA tournament is everything. We underperformed badly in the tournament, no doubt, but saying we underperformed for the whole season because of one bad loss seems myopic to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZLA View Post
    So they met your expectations? Sheeesh.

    Yes. They underperformed.
    A 27-7 record against a very tough schedule with a Maui championship, a split with Carolina (I was hoping, but not necessarily expecting), a 13-3 record to place second in the conference, an 8-0 road conference record (what?) would have exceeded my expectations had the team performed better in the NCAAs. Overall, I would say the team at least met my expectations, though I was obviously very disappointed in how the season ended. I started watching the team in the summer and again at the end of October. Though the last game I saw the team play was a very poor one, I still remember the other 33.
    “Those two kids, they’re champions,” Krzyzewski said of his senior leaders. “They’re trying to teach the other kids how to become that, and it’s a long road to become that.”

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    Trying to at least touch on the thread topic here, I hope that Silent G is big part of a new rotation that somehow clicks better than last year's did toward the end. Call it chemistry or whatever, our defense finished #70 in efficiency in the country. That's not clicking at the level we're used to at Duke. And our offense, while finishing at #11, did not finish so strong either.

    And that gets to the recent posts in this thread. I don't think losing 7 games is the reason that people feel disappointed. After all, that's a typical total for a championship team (not this year, but on average up until this year, that's about it). I think the reason some feel disappointed is that the team seemed to peak early, then showed some signs of weakness (Temple), finally finishing with 3 losses in our last 4, one of which was a blowout home loss to our #1 rival, and another a shocking first-round upset to a little heralded team.

    So I think it was the trajectory of the season that at the heart of the matter for many of us, as well as the particularly shocking losses characterizing the tail end.

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