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    Why is Kyle Singler's Jersey not hanging in the rafters? I am so disappointed!

    My whole family and I are die hard Duke fans. We have been very loyal fans...traveling 400 mile round trips several times each year to Cameron. My whole closet is Duke Blue with garments and hats. I've probably seen 99% of the games the last twenty years. Duke Basketball has been a source of very much enjoyment for us.

    In this age of one and done players, it is rare that you have a player the caliber of Kyle Singler willing to sacrifice a years worth NBA salary and to risk potential injury. If he had not returned for his senior year, we probably would not have won another championship. He was a player that came to play every day. That was one tough guy. One record that I am sure he has is for the most stitches. For the life of me, I cannot understand why his jersey has not been retired. He deserves it and if he doesn't get it, I think that sends a signal to other players that staying for four years is not important. He should be rewarded for his contributions.

    I could rant on and on, but if anyone has any insight, please share it.

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    Wells I guess it really is the off-season. Can Throatybeard add an addendum to his Manifesto/Pocket reference? Why is a our big man coach a point guard BTW?

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    This topic was covered extensively in several threads last year. Try searching on "Singler jersey" or "Singler retirement" or similar such terms if you want to read about it.

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