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    Oh for heaven's sake!

    Are we SURRRRRRE this isn't an early April Fool's joke?

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    it's a win-win. Gets him off the talking-head circuit and sets himself up for a humbling experience on a big stage.

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    What if he becomes a prominent/dominant coach?

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    Quote Originally Posted by subzero02 View Post
    What if he becomes a prominent/dominant coach?
    Then I'll shave my legs, put on a skirt, and promenade around Franklin Street every weekend for a year singing the Carolina fight song.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke 4 Life View Post
    If he does get it, I hope Duke puts them on the schedule so we can show him how "alarmingly unathletic" we are.
    He would never be able to recruit athletic players though.
    Quote Originally Posted by MChambers View Post
    Kareem just couldn't coach perimeter players, because he is too big. Thought we'd all know that by now.
    No doubt, Gottlieb would have a team that moved the ball really well, but couldn't put the ball in the ocean.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rich View Post
    Kareem is 7'2" or something. Not many people can see eye-to-eye with him. Badum-bum.
    Well done. I also enjoyed the puns in this thread.
    “Those two kids, they’re champions,” Krzyzewski said of his senior leaders. “They’re trying to teach the other kids how to become that, and it’s a long road to become that.”

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    Gotlieb a coach? Haha, haha. Can you imagine the expense reports on his credit card?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newton_14 View Post
    Have not had time to research it yet, but heard on the Dan Patrick show this morning that Harrison Barnes was livid with Gottlieb for comments Gottlieb made about him after the Ohio game. Would love to know the details on that one..
    How would one determine that Harrison Barnes was livid? Does he blink faster? Now I'm getting a mental picture of Barnes Googling "michael jordan livid", so he'll know how to properly display his displeasure.

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