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    wish he had stayed another year, but appreciate that he was HERE when he was here.

    and that shot...

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    Austin played hard and with heart, more so than anyone on the team this year. For that, I respect him. I can't say I was a huge fan early on based on what I saw of him in HS or in the preseason, but the more I saw, the more I respected him. I also thought he improved over the year. Others may not think it was enough, but you can't knock progress, no matter how much it is.

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    How many other Duke players finished their careers undefeated at the venue located at 300 Skipper Bowles Drive? Boozer, Dunleavy and JWill were 3-0, Austin was 1-0, Maggette was 1-0, who else? Maybe someone who transferred?

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    Big fan of Austin and glad he came to Duke for a year which is a million times better than no years and choosing a different school. Can't wait until the draft and see what lucky franchise adds his contributions.

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    Thank you Austin for one of the best memories ever as a Duke fan. I still have it on the dvr and still use it as a pick-me-up. Your constant effort and fearless play on the court was great to watch.

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    The best part about Austin is that he definitely gave a crap every time he played. Very emotional in a good way.

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    The best part of Austin's Duke career was "THE SHOT"!!!! We now have something the next one and done can try and better!

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    Good luck, Austin ...... your shot in Chapel Hill made the whole season for me. Wish you weren't leaving.

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    Austin carries himself with class and sportsmanship and his behavior while he was at Duke has been nothing but a credit to the University.

    On the court in his one season at Duke, he was fearless, driven, and, in several games, gave us much needed buckets at critical moments. I'm sorry to see him leaving after one season, because you could see the growth in his game, and I have little doubt he would have been one of the best players in the ACC next season.

    The Shot was definitely one of the best single moments of the season, probably the best. Austin wanted to make his mark on the Duke-UNC rivalry, and he sure got that job done.
    Brian Zoubek on what was going through his mind walking to the free throw line with 3.6 seconds remaining in the 2010 National Championship game and Duke up by 1: "Fifty percent [of me is] thinking, This is what I've been dreaming of doing my entire life. Fifty percent I'm crapping my pants."

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    Thank you for your 4 and a half months of service to the Duke basketball program...

    In all seriousness, he drove me crazy at times with some selfish decision making but the kid has a lion's heart and does whatever it takes to win. His "swag" "arrogance" "hunger" were attributes that I wish some his teammates would have displayed on a regular basis like Austin did. Best of luck

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    Good Luck Austin

    Thank you for choosing Duke and for playing hard to win every game.

    Wish you all the best in the NBA and come back to Cameron as often as you can.

    Stay a Dukie for life and have fun in the NBA.

    Great shot in the Dean Dome that will live forever!!!

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    The front page article/interview with Austin shows what a well-spoken young man he is. It should also put to rest a lot of the negative stuff that's been said about him. I'm glad he wore Duke blue this season and will forever view him as one of our guys.

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