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    Trayvon Martin tragedy

    I hope this isn't over the PPB line, but I wondered what folks think about what is happening down in Sanford and around the country. If the allegations are true, its an unthinkable tragedy and Zimmerman deserves everything and then some.

    However, we more than anyone else, know that a rush to judgment (especially in a racially motivated episode) can be dangerous. There are some facts starting to emerge that, if true, would rewrite the story that has been fed to the public to date. I am particularly discouraged at the rhetoric from the likes of Al Sharpton (I think it was him). I saw him claim that the version of the story where Zimmerman was attacked by Martin and slammed to the ground was a lie. It may very well be, but I am not sure Sharpton has access to those facts.

    Just wanted to see if anyone else has thoughts on the case one way or the other.
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    From a general policy perspective, this episode has highlighted the negatives of the "Stand Your Ground" legislation that has popped up in Florida and elsewhere. Such a conversation may not be permitted by the mods, however.

    Specific to the tragedy in Florida, one would think that the 911 tapes show that the law ought not apply--the shooter put himself in a situation to feel threatened, knowingly and willfully, and he knowingly and willfully disregarded what the 911 operator told him: don't follow the young man. That's the police department's job, not the job of a neighborhood watch participant.

    The hyperbole is, unfortunately, predictable on both sides--that this was a hate crime on the one hand, and the character assassination of Trayvon on the other.

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    This case is extremely important to many people (myself included), but we can't ignore some of the hyperbole and PPB-material that will surely come out on both sides of this issue. I'm going to close this thread for now , but it's under further discussion with the rest of the mods and if anything changes, we will re-open it.
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