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    UNC Football Punishments

    UNC to get NCAA punishments today 3/12

    It appears like the old thread was closed (if there is something more recent, feel free to merge)

    Chapel Hill, N.C. The NCAA Committee on Infractions has reached a decision on the punishment for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill stemming from nine major violations committed by the football program.

    A 3 p.m. conference call with the COI discussing the decisions regarding UNC's case can be heard live on 99.9 The Fan ESPN Radio, 620 The Buzz and can be streamed live on by clicking the radio links at the top of the homepage.

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    UNC's punishment

    UNC's insiders believe they are about to get hammered (more scholarship losses than self-imposed, plus a bowl ban) ... we'll find out in a couple of hours.

    What's really funny is the reaction of UNC fans who still think their cooperation with the NCAA was unusual and in fact of epic proportions and should have led to reduced penalties. One fan posted: "After this, no one will ever cooperation with the NCAA again."

    Yeah, and maybe the in the future, schools won't give cheating coaches a huge severence package without retiring that they talk to the NCAA (hush money much?). And maybe they won't provide lawyers who keep key witnesses from meeting with the NCAA (as UNC did for Jennifer Wiley).

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