Most of the way through the annual coaching carousel, we can give a recap of results to date. Here's the data. I think I missed some schools, so please feel free to add on --

Vacancy	Former Coach	Reason	New Coach	Former Position
MissSt	Rick Stansbury	Fired	Rick Ray	Asst - Clemson
Tulsa	Doug Wojcik	Fired	Danny Manning	Asst - Kansas
TennSt	John Cooper	Left for Miami O.	Travis Williams	Asst - Tenn State
UAB	Mike Davis	Fired	Jerod Haase	Asst - UNC
VaTech	Seth Greenberg	Fired	James Johnson	Asst - Va. Tech
C. Mich	Ernie Zeigler	Fired	Keno Davis	Ex-HC - Providence
K-State	Frank Martin	Left for USC	Bruce Weber	Fired as HC - Ill
CofC	Bobby Cremins	Retired	Doug Wojcik	Fired HC - Tulsa
Neb.      Doc Sadler	Fired	Tim Miles	HC - Colo State
SC	Darrin Horn	Fired	Frank Martin	HC - K-State
TCU	Jim Christian	Left for Ohio U.	Trent Johnson	HC - LSU
LSU	Trent Johnson	Left for TCU	Johnny Jones	HC - N. Texas
Ill.  	Bruce Weber	Fired	John Groce	HC - Ohio U.
Miami-O	Charlie Coles	Retired	John Cooper	HC - Tenn state
Co. St.	Tim Miles	         Left for Nebraska	Larry Eustachy	HC - USM
R. Isl.	Jimmy Baron	Fired	Danny Hurley	HC - Wagner
Ohio U.	Jim Groce	         Left for Ill.	Jim Christian 	HC -TCU
USM      Larry Eustachy    Left for Col. St.  Donnie Tyndall HC - Morehead St.
IllSt.	Chris Lowry	Fired
Here are some observations. You can supply the generalizations.

  1. Of the 19 vacancies, ten coaches were fired; seven left for new HC jobs (not all of them better ones); and two retired.
  2. Of the 18 filled vacancies:

  • Ten were filled by current HCs at other schools.
  • Three were filled by former HCs, two of whom were fired at the end of this season.
  • Only five of the 18 vacancies were filled by promoting assistants

Surely there were more than 19 HC vacancies this year, so I have undoubtedly missed some. But it is striking to me that only five jobs were filled by hiring assistants, and only three of these were from other schools.