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I also commend a tired Duke team pulling out the win, but why does K allow the opposition to take the last shot in regulation to win? Just my opinion but I beleive Duke is extremly lucky to have this W. VT had something like 20 seconds in regulation to bring the ball up and execute a set play getting two shots at the basket.

I would've fouled with 15 to 20 seconds, put them on the FT line, and had possesion of the ball either down by 1 or 2 placing faith in the hands of AR/Seth/etc (UNC can attest)

Box Score - VT shot %43.8 from the line. Consider the pressure on a visiting player with FT's @ the end of a close game, at CIS, the beloved Cameron Crazies, and a national TV audience.

Enough ranting, I'm still smiling about AR's last second shot in Chapel Hill. Go Duke!!!
We've been in a number of last shot situations the past two seasons. I can only remember 3 working (FSU in last year's ACC tournament, BC, and GT this year). I'd take my chances from the free throw line.

Of course, even if we took the lead, I'm sure that Rivers would have gotten a foul call.