View Poll Results: Who was Man of the Match in Duke's 85-55 win over Penn?

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  • Tyler Thornton

    0 0%
  • Seth Curry

    0 0%
  • Austin Rivers

    0 0%
  • Ryan Kelly

    46 64.79%
  • Mason Plumlee

    1 1.41%
  • Miles Plumlee

    5 7.04%
  • Quinn Cook

    19 26.76%
  • Andre Dawkins

    0 0%
  • Josh Hairston

    0 0%
  • Mike Gbinije

    0 0%
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    MOTM: Duke vs. Penn (Jan 1, 2012)

    Who was Man of the Match in Duke's 85-55 win over Penn?

    Andre Dawkins: “People ask me if I can still shoot, and I ask them if they can still breathe. That’s kind of the same thing.”

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    This one was tough to choose. Quinn was amazing with 9 assists and no turnovers. Miles had a great game, 2nd in a row. Mase had another double double and dominated the glass. Ryan tied a season high and looks like he's got his stroke back. All of them deserve it but I went with Mason!
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    I voted for Ryan Kelly as he set the tone early. Quinn Cook has 17 assists to zero turnovers over the last two games so his performance has to be in the discussion.
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    Miles baby... Anyone else catch the emergence of "The Beard" - OK it was a heavy shadow...
    The blocks and the jumper... The man is finding his game when it counts.

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    Quite a game for Ryan with the double-double with several other fine performances by Miles, Mason and Quinn, too.

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    I went with Ryan, mostly for his first half performance where, like Bob Green said, he set the tone. His double double clinched it for him (over Mason's double double).
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    I went with Ryan great stats: 7/12fgs..4/4 threes..12 boards..2 assists, 0 tos, 1..blk and 1 steal. Others were deserving as well. Quinn was great with 9 assists 0 tos, Mason another double-double, Seth 15 pts, and finally Mr. Miles Plumlee..10 pts, 7 rebs, 4 blks, 1 steal. I really like Miles play lately and it looks like he's carrying over his practice play into the game. That's what we need from the big guy. I almost voted for Miles as MOTM. GoDuke!

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    I can't vote for Mason in any game he's under .500 from the charity stripe.

    Struggling between Ryan, Miles and Quin -- will vote later.

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