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    Welcome, Matt!

    Great to have you on board!

    - Chillin

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    wow....matt staring out with a wheelie!! choosing the right school AND irritating that school down the road at the same time..

    GO MATT !!
    "Either we're going down, or they are....... Kirk out!"

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    I want to join the celebration. Now Jabari Parker, come on down!

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    Welcome, Matt!

    Very excited to have MJ on board! The kid is an amazing shooter - can't get enough of that!


    p.s. - great link:

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    Welcome to Duke, Matt - the Cameron Crazies are going to LOVE you!!

    Boy, that Rasheed Sulaimon kid sure can recruit! (was rumored to be working on Mr. Jones...)
    Now Rasheed, there's a certain phone number in Georgia and one in Vegas we'd like for you to call....
    And a certain tall Texan in 2013...

    Matt seemed to have a terrific visit to Duke a couple weels ago, and seemed to be giving Duke good vibes. But this is just wonderful news, and a well-timed arrival in 2013.

    Again, welcome Matt!!!

    P.S. Juise, don't worry, it's only a matter of time before the IC flock decides, en masse, that "we didn't really want him anyway..." HA!

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    Welcome to the family Matt!

    How sweet it is... If Penn State is LB University, why can't we start calling Duke SG U? Another great wing who can drill the three. Thank you for choosing to come to the greatest university and basketball, program in the nation. May your time at Duke be fullfilling and exceed your wildest dreams of playing basketball under the greatest coach ever, and the greatest most passionate fans in the NCAA...

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    At CTC, I took this picture and I didn't really know who the young man was sitting beside Rasheed. Now I know! Welcome to Duke Matt!

    Matt Jones Rasheed S..jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldPhiKap View Post
    Smooth as a baby's bottom. And just as explosive!

    After reading the comments above about his outside shot, I was surprised to see how well he fills the lane and drives as well. Looks like a scorer, not just a shooter.

    I think he'll fit in just fine.
    I don't know if I would necessarily describe him as "explosive," but I do like his extremely quick shooting motion. He gets his feet set very very quickly and his release is Ray Allen-esque: the ball is out of his hands almost immediately when he goes up. Defenders will have a hard time guarding him if he makes good use of shot fakes. I think he will draw plenty of comparisons to a similar player who is on our squad this year: Andre Dawkins, so I'll do the same.

    On an athletic level, he is not close to Andre. I don't think he's going to be getting tomahawk dunks in traffic the way Dre does on rare occasions, but he does have something that I WISH Dre would work on: a pull-up mid range jumper that he actually is willing to use in transition. I cannot express how key that shot is. I'm not sure how Matt's handles are, he doesn't seem to have game breaking quickness, so that mid range shot will be extremely important for him.

    Andre seems to either want to shoot an NBA range 3 (which he perfectly capable of hitting) or get all the way to the rim, and is not willing to settle for anything in between. I just wish he would work on developing more a of mid range game so he is not so predictable in opponents' scouting reports. Matt Jones seems to have that shot, and I can't wait to see him put it to use wearing our colors.

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    One of the things about Matt is he has very long arms which helps him in the rebounding department and on the defensive end. Like most kids out of high school he will need to bulk up a little and improve moving without the ball and coming off screens. Either way, excellent shooter and great kid. Similar to Rasheed, he's also very coachable.

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    Very excited to have Matt going to Duke in 2013. I expect I will very much enjoy watching him play. I hope he is a good rebounder like others have stated. That skill certainly comes in handy.
    “Those two kids, they’re champions,” Krzyzewski said of his senior leaders. “They’re trying to teach the other kids how to become that, and it’s a long road to become that.”

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    I am having format issues with the site so please forgive, but here is a blurb on Matt Jones with quotes from the man himself. I like this kids game a lot and he is a stand up guy. He can dribble penetrate, pass well, hut runners and is deadly from 3 and plays good D. He is a program player and a 3 point specialist that has a pretty complete game.

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    Ray Allen? I Wish.

    Quote Originally Posted by flyingdutchdevil View Post
    I actually though of Ray Allen when I was watching this video:

    I know it's only a highlight video, but you can see his beautifully quick release and absolute confidence in his shot.

    He's not the quickest or most athletic player, but he can shoot with the best of them.
    I am really excited that Matt Jones has decided to attend Duke. Ever since Rasheed decided on the Blue Devils I have been anxiously awaiting the next great recruit to sign up. Matt looks like he might turn out to be a good shooter on the college level. I wish I knew more about the rest of his game, but I've only seen highlight clips.

    As to Matt reminding people of Ray Allen, I don't really see it. If you watch Ray's jumper closely you will see that there is a definite pause after he brings the ball into position to shoot and then he lets it fly, usually very accurately. Matt, on the other hand, has almost zero pause. His motion is virtually continual. That is not normally the way the great shooters do it. That being said, there is more than one way to consistently shoot an accurate jumper. However, at this point, Matt is nowhere near to the textbook jump-shooting form of Ray Allen.

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    Who loves texas?

    Man I love the state of Texas.

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    Exciting news indeed. There is always room for players and people like Matt in the Duke program. Congrats to Coach K and his staff on another great signing. Congrats to Matt and his family!

    I am really excited about the quality of player AND people Duke has been signing. It's great being a Dukie.

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    Rosters for the All-American Championship games [high school] in New Orleans, played Sunday (tomorrow) aft. Don't know of any live TV, but delayed TV on ESPNU [DirecTV #208] early morn Mon (2/2). East-West 1:30-3 a.m.; North-South 3-4:30 a.m.

    Matt Jones on West squad. These all-star games feature mostly seniors, a smattering of juniors, so Matt's inclusion is nice honor. Ditto for Nate Britt. Other ACC guys include Joel James (UNC), Robert Carter (GT), Shaquille Cleare (Md), Evan Nolte (UVa).

    Noel, McGary, and Tarczewski all listed on East with Nate Britt. Wow.

    If Matt can get some PT, that would be good, as the excellent Harrison twins (big guards, also juniors from Texas) are his teammates.

    I think this was the game last Spring where I first saw Sulaimon, so as one of the juniors, he impressed me. The rosters this season look stronger than last year.

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    I'll confess, when I saw the words "Welcome to Duke" at the top of the message board, I got excited... alas...

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    Me, too..

    Quote Originally Posted by dukedoc View Post
    I'll confess, when I saw the words "Welcome to Duke" at the top of the message board, I got excited... alas...
    I forget to check out the start date on threads...and get really frustrated when I realize that it was something started a year ago and I need to go to the end for the most recent info. I do understand the rationale of not starting multiple threads on a topic, especially when we're looking at the umpteenth "we need a new big man coach" or something like it.

    There has been so much info on the guys we're hoping will come next year that I forget. What class is Matt Jones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dairedevil View Post
    What class is Matt Jones?
    2013, same as Jabari Parker, Julius Randle (a Texan who is supposedly friends with Matt).

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    Am I the only one seeing Dre 2.0 when they see Matt play?!? I really hope he's putting in major work on his handle and cup game in his off time....the stroke looks great though

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    awesome. glad the other guys didn't make up TOO much ground.
    "Either we're going down, or they are....... Kirk out!"

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