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    Right. I think most on the board are aware of Coach K's comments regarding Lance. The poster was surprised that Lance has more points in his NBA career, at this point, than anyone else who was on the 2010 team.
    Count me as one who didn't think he'd ever make the NBA. Also, shows that the developmental league is a good idea for the undrafted. Doubt Lance would have been picked up if he were playing in Europe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arnie is still king View Post
    Also, shows that the developmental league is a good idea for the undrafted.
    Rarely does it work out this well for D-League players coming up mid-season. Normally, they come to fill out the bench using those 10-day contracts, and are sent back down when the hurt players come back from injury. You rarely hear about them because in that time, they hardly play. That Lance was able to get paid for the rest of the season, I think, is really an exception that proves the rule.

    I agree that most folks on this board never thought Lance would make it into the league, but if you proposed that Lance would be a D-Leaguer for a few years and would get a couple 10-days, people might agree with the possibility of that happening. Getting a 10-day and then finishing half a season with a team? Not so much.

    It is awesome that the dude has gotten this opportunity. If he sticks next year I'm tempted to say I'll buy his jersey.

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    The D-League was probably the best shot for Lance...

    Before his call-up, Lance was regarded as a top prospect in the D-League primarily because of his hustle, defense, and great personality. Everyone in the D-League liked him personally and thought his motor and tenaciousness was enough to be deserving of a call-up, despite some of the limits of his size/build/athleticism. He was considered a top-5 big man in the D-League during much of his time there.

    I think it stands that the D-League is still the best opportunity to to get seen by NBA scouts, call-up or not. For guys itching to get a training camp invite (like Lance did), the D-League offers a way to showcase yourself to scouts every week. Props to Lance for really taking advantage of that opportunity.

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