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    Well at least we played them even the second half.

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    I don't want to sound too critical of Andre, but I hope he realizes that he might have to move to get open in the offense. If you watched him tonight (and there wasn't much of him to see), he rarely moves; and when he does, a lot of it is jogging from say, one side of the court to another. I don't expect him to be JJ running everyone around the court, but it would be nice to see Andre work a little harder to get in a position for a good shot. That was the beauty of JJ-you could watch him run his guy all over the court, use the screen, and swish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDu View Post
    Why would we have dead legs? We haven't played in six days and we have been home since Friday.
    5 of last 6 games on the road. Three in a row in Maui and the final was a very emotional win. We appear physically and emotionally drained. Just look at how incredibly slow our defensive rotations are. I've recorded this game, I may actually watch it again just to torture myself. Guys are getting wide open shots 8 ft from the hoop. I could be wrong, but I just see a team that either has dead legs or they're just extremely slow, and I don't think we're that slow.
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    Ah, yes...the "overrated" chant!!

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    that three, summary of the night

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    Quote Originally Posted by FerryFor50 View Post
    I doubt the starting 5 changes very much at all.
    I'd rather see Mike get more minutes - clearly cares more about defense than Andre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheat/"/"/" View Post
    Where did you get the idea from me that UNC has anything to do with the debate about how coach K and Duke chooses to use the bigs in the post offense?
    It probably has to do with how you've been beating the same idea to death for the last fifteen years in this forum. UNC has awesome post presence; Duke does not. It's an extremely tired schtick, even in the years when it's accurate. It reflects a 1975esque, Dean Smith-based, almost religious orthodoxy about post presence. Context is context.

    Funny how Wheat disappeared for most of the 2010 season, when we beat them easily twice and won it all, and then he shows back up when UNC is competitive with us in 2011. Disappears again for a while, and then suddenly reappears just as we're about to face a team against whom we're totally overmatched. No coincidence, I'm sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by feldspar View Post
    Ah, yes...the "overrated" chant!!
    Yeah. That there, man, those are some braindead fans. You come into the game favored and chant over-rated at the team you just beat.

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