Big win for Tommy tonight ... the Crimson can virtually clinch the title with a home win tomorrow vs. Penn. They play two patsies next weekend to close out the regular season.

That said, the Ivy does not use head-to-head as a tiebreaker. If Harvard ties either Yale or Penn in the standings, there will be a playoff... even if Harvard swept the team they'll be tied with.

Back to Bill Bradley ...

It's nothing like Greg Monroe, Patrick Patterson, Harrison Barnes or anybody who picked somebody other that Duke. That's their choice and even though it may hurt at the time, I don't begrudge them the option of making a mistake.

Bradley committed to Duke. Bradley signed with Duke -- taking the last scholarship that Bubas had available in 1961. He corresponded with Duke all summer, talking about his room assignemt, his class schedule and the like. The day he was supposed to arrive at Duke in September his father called and said, "Sorry, my son has decided to go to Princeton."

The kid didn't even have the decency to call himself. He led Daddy do it.

The loss hurt. If Bradley had picked Princeton in the beginning .. fine. Bubas would have used his last scholarship on Fred Hetzel, a 6-8 beast from Washington, D.C. who wanted to come to Duke. He signed with Davidson after Bubas signed Bradley. He became a first-team consensus All-American for Dreisell (while Bradley, of course, became consensus national player of the year at Priceton). Add either one of those to Duke's Final Four teams in 1963 and 1964 (their sophomore and junior seasons) and Bubas wins at least one, probably two national championships. And having one of them them as senior for the nation's highest scoring team in 1965 (when Duke has Marin, Vacendak and sophomore Bob Verga), might have given Duke a third.

I know Bill Bradley was only 18 years old when he screwed Bubas, but he was still a lying piece of &^$% in 1961. You can tell he was going to become a politican -- a guy so shifty that he renegs on his commitment at such a late date can only end up on prison or in Congress.